No matter who you are or what you’ve done, God loves you. We’re not talking about the selfish imitation of love that lies, disappoints and let’s you down. He loves you with REAL love. In fact, that patient, kind, merciful love is who He is. He loves EVERYONE and offers hope, healing, wholeness, forgiveness and acceptance to all. He’s got great plans for your life! Regardless of what you may have heard about God, the truth is, He’s good and he wants you to start experiencing that “good-life” in Him. You don’t have to live with emptiness, guilt and hopelessness another day. Accept God’s love and start REALLY living today! (Read more...)


JCTV is now playing Weakness for Strength and My Righteousness from our new CD, Redemption Songs!


Redemption Songs by Go Deep NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes! You can watch videos of some of the tunes on our youtube page.